Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of Fit- "Thin-spiration"

There are lots of different ways to get inspiration. Inspiring quotes, looking at photos of celebrities, taking progress photos, etc. Something that really inspires me is clothes. That is probably really vain of me to say, but other than being healthy, I want lose weight to wear cute clothes.

I have been shopping around for the perfect thin-spirational outfit, at stores I love like Target and Old Navy. Here are some things that I want to be able to wear.

Pretty much this whole outfit. I love it all.

I also seriously love this look for work. I want to wear a pencil skirt. 

I also love this look for work.

And I want to be able to buy boots that fit around my calves without having to order them online. 

So basically my thinspiration includes lots of skinny jeans, boots, cardigans and simple tops. Throw in a few belts and I am in heaven. 

What clothes inspire you?

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