Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Fit- Take a Walk

It should come as no surprise that walking is healthy. It's also easy, as far as exercises go, but there are people that really don't do enough of it, myself included. There really are days that I walk to my car, walk into work, walk to the copier once or twice, walk back to my car, back inside and that is it. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I want to walk more. It is such a small thing you can do that can have a very positive impact on your life. Walking keeps your blood flowing, especially through your legs. If you work in a cubicle like I do, you probably don't get up and walk very often. Sitting for extended periods of time can cause blood clots in your legs, which can travel and kill you. Sorry to get scary, but that alone should encourage you to walk!

Walking helps digestion! It is a great idea to take a walk after dinner. It's even better if you take your family! Walk your dog, walk with your kids, it stick in your headphones and walk by yourself! Walking alone can really clear your mind.

I have started walking on my breaks. I get two fifteen minute breaks a day, and I used to not take them. Now I am finding if I take that time to step away from the computer screen, get some fresh air and walk around the block, I go back to work feeling awakened and focused.

So join me. Take a walk.

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