Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days of Fit- Drink Like a Skinny Bitch

When most people diet, they don't take into account the number of calories in alcohol. Even tho it is clear like water, it is not calorie free like water ;)

While alcohol has calories, what really kills you is what you mix it with! So be careful about creamy drinks, or really sweet drinks, and try to ask for diet cola when you have a rum and coke. 

Here are some bad examples. 

Pina Colada (6 oz) - 378 Cal, 10 P+

Chocolate Martini (4 oz) - 438 Cal, 29 P+ (eek!!)

Long Island Ice Tea (8 oz) - 780 Cal, 15 P+

Margarita (8 oz) - 280 Cal, 14 P+

I think these are an excelent example of how different calories and points plus are. Sure a chocolate martini only has 438 calories, but the number of CARBS is what gives it a much higher points + value than a long island ice tea, which has WAY more calories. 

Here are some better choices. 

Gin and Tonic (7 oz) - 200 Cal, 5 P+

Tom Collins (8 oz) - 122 Cal, 4 P+ (a favorite of mine!!)

Bloody Mary (5 oz) - 188 Cal, 4 P+

Appletini (4 oz) - 210 Cal, 5 P+

So next time you go out, you don't have to worry about not having fun, as long as you are prepared. And even tho 5 P+ is better than 29 P+ for a drink, remember you are drinking your points and they will add up fast. I suggest using your 49 weeklies for going out, so you can still enjoy yourself. :)

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