Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days of Fit- Just Do It!

I am sure there is something that everyone out there is putting off. Starting a diet, getting a gym membership, making the bed... ( :/ just me? You are just going to lay in it again in a few hours!!! Sorry... /tangent)

One of these things for me has been C25K. If you don't know, C25K is a running program for beginners. It's harder and harder every week until finally you are supposed to be able to run 3 miles two months later. I am clearly skeptical. I have tried C25K before (and failed before) because its hard. Like really hard when you have never not once in your whole life ran even one mile, let alone 3. I'm not saying that fear isn't a part of my problem, because clearly it is, but it is legitimately hard.

So I planned almost a month ago to start. I even put it on my blog calendar (a calendar I have to plan out blog posts/ remind me that I have a blog ad should write in it from time to time...) to remind myself to do it. Week 1 rolled by (I'll start next week, I thought) then week 2, week 3 and finally week 4 have all passed me by and I am still here, not even started. Until yesterday.

My phone notified me "hey fatass! You said 5 whole weeks ago that you were going to get on a treadmill and do C25K! Just wanted to remind you :) "(my phone is kinda rude...) and this time I said (outloud, mind you) "FINE! STOP YELLING!"

So Andy and I went to the gym at our apartment complex (you know the one I just haaaaad to have, and have used twice) and got on the treadmill. I started out slow, then jogged for 7 of the 20 min I was on it (not straight, of course). I didn't do week 1 of C25K, which involves alternating running and walking for 90 seconds each (I think, don't quote me), but I ran a little! It's a start. My goal is to complete week 1 by Monday next week.

The point is, something I have out off for over a month wasn't nearly as scary as just doing it. Ok yes it was but I did it anyway.

So since I did it, you have to lol. Go do whatever you have been putting off /) Just Do It!

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