Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Fit- Choose the Basket

I am always looking for easy, small changes I can make every day to live a fit life. That is what this series is about. I am not asking you to run a marathon or only eat vegetables. I know I will never be successful at changing my life if I force myself to change so drastically. Which brings me to a really easy change you can make, that I made last night :)

At the grocery store, when you are about to grab a cart, don't. Grab a basket. Baskets are smaller, meaning you will probably by less, and you have to carry it. I really thought it would be easy to carry all of the groceries we wanted in a basket, but it was kinda hard. That thing got heavy! After walking around the store carrying about 20 lbs, I realized choosing the basket was a healthy choice I never expected.

So next time, grab the basket :)

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