Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days of Fit- Make a Goal

When trying to change your life, the end goal is often (for me at least) soooo far away from your starting point that it feels arbitrary and unreachable! It's important to make that "end goal" so you know what you are working toward, but it's even more important to make small, manageable goals so you feel successful along the way.

These goals can be to eat better, drink better, move more, whatever really. It's just important to have them so you can work toward them at all times.

But the flip side of achieving a goal is getting a reward! And for as long as I can remember reward=food. I can't be the only one! Then I saw this awesome inspirational message on Pinterest that really pointed out to me the wrong thinking in this concept. It said "don't reward yourself with food, you aren't a dog! " How true is that! But, to be honest, finding suitable rewards that aren't cake has proven difficult. Some people suggest mani-pedis or other beautifying things. I'm not sure that would be the best for me, but it's a start.

So the point of the day is to make a goal, and find a reasonable (non food) reward for when you reach it!

I'll be back later today with another one of these to get caught up :)

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