Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Fit- Take the Stairs

Here is another no brainer for you all. Take the stairs.

We live in a fast paced world where we want to get somewhere now! Things like elevators and escalators get us places faster with far less effort than the traditional method of vertical transportation, the stairs.

We look at stairs as a burden rather than an opportunity. Stairs are an easy opportunity to inject a few moments of activity into your life. They get your heart beating and your muscles working and can do great things for your health over the long run. Just substituting the elevator for the stairs can make improve your circulation, strengthen your heart and build lean muscle. All good things.

Now I totally understand how taking the stairs ALWAYS might not really be a feasible option for you. Coming from someone that works on the 23rd floor of a sky scraper, I know that it will be an insanely long time before I can take the stairs the whole way up. So I start slow. When I go places that have a few flights, I take them instead. I would never recommend jumping two feet into a 30 story building of stair climbing. That sounds like an bad idea.

So next time you are at the mall and the escalator is calling your name, flick back your hair and hike your shrinking ass up those stairs! Your ass will thank you :)

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